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First of all, I have to apologize but most links from that page point to pages in French.


I have teached some classes in 2004/2005 at ENSEIRB, and I am to do that again next years. It is the RE315 module.

The classes have been co-teached with Laurent OUDOT and Moutane, in the third year options RSR (Réseau et Systèmes Répartis - Networks and Distributed Systems) and SE (Systèmes Embarqués - Embedded Systems).

Starting in 2005/2006, Moutane and I will be fully in charge of these classes, since Laurent wants to stop.

The students in RSR have to work on a project during the whole period of the classes (six months), and the projects are the base of the evaluation, while the students in SE have an exam.

Projet de Fin d'Année 2005

I have submitted a subject for the Projet de Fin d'Année (a project on which second-year students at the ENSEIRB, computer science department, have to work). This subject have been approved by the teacher in charge of these projects, and a group of seven students have chosen that subject. Basically, the project deals with behavior-based intrusion detection in Windows environments.

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