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This page has for purpose to give usefull information about our 2007 ServoControl electronic.

Magic Mother Board

Similar to the 2005's mother board but:

* The ATmega32 has been replaced by an ATmega128.
* All chips are now CMS (when possible).
* Board is a litle smaller.

Magic Mother Board.jpeg

Proportion of Magic Mother Board are not the same as this shema. (Real Board is more compact)

Here are details of nets linked to boths ATmega. Just to know "where is what".

Atmega128module shem.jpg Atmega128cms shem.jpg

Here is the PCB of our board.

Magic MotherBoard PCB.jpg

Magic Power Board

Here is the connectors shematic for our Power Board.


And PCB ...

Magic PowerBoard PCB.jpg

Magic Single Motor Power Board

This board has for purpose to give a high current power suply for a single motor. No sens selection is needed.

I publish shematic after having tested it.

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