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This is not an official documentation of Aversive, it is more an "internal" conception documentation used by developpers to discuss some points.

Documentation index

base: frequently used modules.

comm: modules that are related to communication protocols or hardware.

crypto: Some modules used to make crypto operations.

debug: modules that allows the user to make debugging of a program easier, for instance by checking the stack size, or the 'CPU' charge under interruption.

devices: contains modules that are related to a device that is not part of an Atmel AVR (lcd, motors, ...). Usually, a module is related to a specific electronic device that is described in the module source.

encoding: operations for encoding buffers (like base64 or hamming).

hardware: contains modules that make the use of a specific AVR harware easier (ADC, PWM).

ihm: humain-machine interfaces, like menus.

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