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General overview

The Droids Corporation is a strange team. Members are geeks and friends, interested in things like computer science or electronic.


We work on several different projects, all of them are related to computer science and/or electronic. For example, we work around honeynet related projects, and particularly Sebek.

Currently, some of us are working on a generic x86 ring 0 debugger, the so called Rasta Ring 0 Debugger (or RR0D).

The team leads the Aversive project.

You can browse our public CVS to check our projects more precisely. In this CVS, the Uberlogger project is not a Droids Corporation project, though we host their CVS (this is by sympathy with the Rstack Team and the French Honeynet Project).


  • Some of us are fond of good food, and we plan to add a "Restaurant" category to this Wiki with our prefered restaurants.
  • Check our News !
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