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General overview

From the Sebek page : Sebek is a data capture tool designed to capture the attackers activities on a honeypot, without the attacker (hopefully) knowing it.

Sebek is a tool of the Honeynet Project.

There are clients for Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Win32.

Clients for *BSD systems

The Droids Corporation is in charge of the development of the Sebek clients for *BSD. For now, the protocol 3 versions are available as beta, while the protocol 1 is considered stable (however, if you plan to use it on a production honeypot, you should be aware and understand this issue).

The code is distributed with Copyright Honeynet Project, under the new BSD license. See Copying.

We use this Wiki to manage the bugs in Sebek BSD. If you plan to use or test Sebek BSD, you should really have a look at that page.

We have started working on this with the impetus of Laurent Oudot from the Rstack Team ; it was a third-year project at the ENSEIRB. This project is the main origin of the creation of the Droids Corporation.

Our members working on this project are also members of the French Honeynet Project.

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