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Microb Technology

Microb Technology is a robotic team. Some members of this team are members of the Droids Corporation, so that's why the wiki is hosted here.

Last news, 24th march 2008

We are now able to win a match without oponent ! The video


The members of Microb Technology are :

  • Vincent MESUREUR [Microb|GrosQuick]: President of the association, in charge of mechanical part of the robot and commercial partnerships...
  • Hélène MANGUIN [LN|La Naine]: Treasurer, and in charge of logistics
  • Olivier MATZ [Zer0]: General secretary, design and development of the main code (maintener of Aversive)
  • Laurent CORNAILLE [Lolo|Sgt_Kro]: Electronic expert.
  • Fabrice DESCLAUX [Serpillere]: Mechanic, help for development of the image processing code and for development of the robot main code. --> man of all work
  • Jean-Philippe ANDRIOT [Jipey]: Computer science expert.
  • Anthony CORKE [Supersuchi]: Vison system and electronics specialist.

Old members and greetings

  • Mohamed LALMI [Momo] : Padawan of development of the image processing code
  • Jean-Baptiste MOURET [Mandor] : One of the jedi of Maggie team.
  • Christoph(e) RIEHL [Tof|Stoo|Guerrier|Sabotager|F4ERU] : Another jedi from Maggie, old student of ENSEIRB, and member of the Droids Corp.
  • Thibault VINCENT [Mohatib] : sympathic member.
  • Florentin DEMETRESCU [Goldorak]: Old member, Ghost Jedi of development of the image processing code and all electronic of the cam in 2006 and 2007.

Rules 2008

The rules for 2008 (revision 1) are available here in french or in english.


Technical description

Our game area

Meeting Reports (in french)

All the meetings report are available here.

Budget (in french)

List of orders.

A page about our budget.

As one can notice it, the robot is expensive. Fortunately, our sponsors help us by providing us their products, which decreases the financial investment of the members of the team.

Some of our competitors

  • Pobot : a very complete website with lots of open informations of 2008
  • RCVA : a very interresting documentation about control system for their robot of 2007
  • Playbot : docs, pictures, and their 2008 pre-project
  • AQRA : a canadian team with pictures of 2008 robot
  • Oufff TEAM : some documentation about their algorithms in 2007
  • Pensée profonde : documentation about their robot of 2007
  • INSA ClubElek : Very good documentations about 2007 topics
  • Le grand cercle : an group of team from Grenoble and their 2008 pre-project
  • Eirbot : club from ENSEIRB, we share some code with them (Aversive)
  • Esial : they were also using Aversive in 2007

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